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Immunotality Formula┬« is the world’s first true Multi-Antioxidant and the premier anti-aging product in the market. The multi-antioxidant category was invented by Longevi, and we continue to push the envelope in this field with the current formulation of Immunotality Formula. It contains the right ingredients in the doses required to boost your immune system, protect your cells and improve your overall health. This product has been designed to help prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals that have been scientifically linked to a wide range of health problems. There are a wide variety of free radicals, and different antioxidants work best against particular free radicals. Since Immunotality Formula contains such a broad array of antioxidants in the required doses, you can be sure that you are truly protected. Besides all the antioxidants, it contains most of the ingredients of a multivitamin, so if you take Immunotality Formula*, you probably don’t need to take your multi any more.

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