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We believe many health problems are easily preventable by supplying the body with the nutrients it needs to protect itself.


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Good health is not a matter of luck or genetics…

You’ve got to want it!

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We believe in holistic health and are committed to providing high-quality natural dietary supplements that help reduce the risk of developing health problems while helping to maintain our bodies at the optimal level of performance, all the while providing a rewarding growth environment for our employees.


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Designed and Developed with You in Mind.

With diminishing dietary nutrients in processed foods, poor eating habits, and increased chemicals in the environment, natural supplements are increasingly necessary for good health. We keep our company at the forefront of nutritional science and ensure that we bring to market the most innovative products, and we make them as affordable as possible. 

Each product is composed of natural ingredients and has been carefully designed through an extensive and comprehensive process of reviewing and analyzing published scientific studies that are widely available. Our products are also aimed at providing the right ingredients in the proper doses required. We know they work because our customers tells us just that!

We are confident you will live a longer, healthier life by consuming our products!


You’ve got to want it

Knowledge is the key.Orie n 

Good health is not a matter of luck or genetics … it’s more about wanting it. It’s about knowing what to eat, what habits to develop, and what dietary supplements to consume to complement a good diet. It’s not about looking good. You can have the perfect body or the prettiest face yet still have relatively poor health. What we are talking about is being healthy on the inside, all the way to the cellular level. Healthy cells will allow your body to protect itself from free radicals, pathogens, chemicals and other dangerous substances we come into contact with every day.

Most doctors believe that certain conditions are symptoms of disease. Many scientists and researchers believe that disease itself is a symptom of a body that is not well nourished and well maintained. A multitude of scientific studies have demonstrated that many foods increase the risk of certain degenerative diseases, while others reduce these risks.

Free radicals (or oxidants) are highly reactive forms of oxygen or nitrogen that are produced by the body’s metabolism, environmental factors, inflammation and sometimes by infection. Molecules are made up of atoms held together by chemical bonds. Each chemical bond consists of a pair of electrons. When a bond is broken, two molecular fragments (or atoms) are left over, each of which contains one unpaired electron. These atoms are highly charged and highly unstable because of the unpaired electron. These charged, highly unstable, and very reactive particles are known as free radicals.

Free radicals usually exist only for a small fraction of a second and spend their short lives racing around looking for molecules to combine or react with. These reactions are called oxidation, a process that is very similar to the formation of rust on metal. When a free radical combines with a molecule, it can damage the molecule and consequently the cell it belongs to. The damage can occur to cell membranes, proteins, lipids (fats), or to the cell’s DNA. It is this damage to the cell’s DNA that eventually leads to many health problems. It is also believed that free radicals cause damage to cells that results in what we know as aging.

The body has about 1 trillion cells, and each cell is estimated to receive around 10,000 free radical hits each day.

Part of the reason there are so many oxidative reactions is that each reaction causes a chain reaction. Thus, one free radical potentially leads to the creation of hundreds of thousands of others. The good news is that we have an antioxidant defense system that protects us from this barrage of cellular attacks. Antioxidants react with free radicals and end the chain reactions that could lead to cellular damage. If we did not have a good defense mechanism, our body would break down very quickly. 

Antioxidants are substances, such as vitamins, minerals, coenzymes or phytochemicals, that prevent, neutralize or eliminate free radicals. They either prevent free radicals from forming in the first place, protect cells from free radical damage, or react with free radicals to inactivate or eliminate them. They also boost our immune system in general. It has been widely recognized for some time now that antioxidants play an important role in our overall health, helping the body reduce the risk of developing certain conditions.

Antioxidants are found in most fruits and vegetables. Some of them have more of certain antioxidants than others, but they are basically all found in nature’s bounty. Most, if not all, antioxidants are good for your health in one way or another. One reason it is important to get a good, balanced mix of the different kinds of antioxidants is that some work better against certain free radicals than others. The other reason is that many of them help each other out. Some boost the effectiveness of others, replenish them, recycle them, prevent them from getting oxidized themselves, or increase their bioavailable levels. 


The body likely isn’t getting everything it needs.

Many health problems and premature death are more prevalent today because we have turned our environment against us. Most of the harmful substances that we come into contact with every day were created and released into our environment by man. These include chemicals in our water, air, soil and in products we consume. In order to cope with an ever-increasing world population, we have had to find ways to reap more food from the same surface area. We have to inject animals with hormones, and we have to grow our crops by spraying them with pesticides and give them chemical fertilizers. We have to grow our crops without crop rotation, which leads to them being depleted of essential minerals. Our grains are processed by bleaching and refining them, and much of the fish we eat is contaminated with heavy metals such as mercury from our increasingly polluted oceans. Most of these “extras” on our food can be very harmful to our health, and the lack of certain minerals and vitamins in our food weakens our immune systems so we are unable to counteract them.

Originally, fruits, vegetables and certain animals had all the nutrients we needed to protect our cells. We got to where we are because we evolved into a species that was able to protect itself with the nutrients found in foods that had existed on Earth for millions of years. Our bodies would take what they needed from these foods, and all was well. Unfortunately, the artificial means that are being used to increase food production have led to a loss in the nutritive value that our ancestors received from their food. It no longer has as many of the protective compounds it once did. The processing that most food goes through in developed countries strips out many of the substances that our immune system needs and adds others that are harmful to our health.

Even if today’s foods had all the nutrients they were meant to have (and organic food* just might), they would probably still not be enough. Our bodies developed through evolution to be able to survive and to defend themselves from our environment and free radicals through the cancer antioxidants and other substances found in our food. The problem is that as technology has advanced in order to improve our standard of living, the world has become ever more polluted and has surrounded us with dangerous substances everywhere. As we evolved, our bodies were never expected to come into contact with so many man-made substances.

For these reasons, even if you follow the perfect diet, you are probably not obtaining all the nutrients and antioxidants that you need. This is the reason that dietary supplements are becoming more and more important every day. Antioxidants are the key to slowing the aging process and many help protect certain parts of the body. Do your homework and learn which substances you need to consume and in which doses. There is a vast difference between the different brands of supplements available in the market, so examine the labels with care. We are sure that if you do, you will find that Longevi offers the best value in the market for each of its products.

We sincerely believe that all the nutritional support the majority of us need can be obtained from three or four of our products. There are few dietary supplements that anyone could need, unless they suffer from a particular health problem that can be addressed by one of our other products.

*Organic food refers to plants (vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, etc) and animals that are grown or raised naturally, that is, without pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, etc).

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