Network Antioxidants™



Network Antioxidants™ is Dr. Lester Packer’s Basic Antioxidant Cocktail in a bottle. Based on his best-selling book The Antioxidant Miracle, this formulation is the perfect blend of the most important antioxidants in the doses required to boost the immune system, protect the body’s cells and improve one’s overall health. Dr. Packer designed this well-balanced antioxidant cocktail to help prevent free radical-caused cellular damage that has been scientifically linked to a broad range of health problems. As he clearly explains in his book, antioxidants work better in a network, meaning that the sum of the benefits of the right combination of antioxidants in the right doses is much higher than the sum of the benefits of the individual antioxidants. This is exactly what Network Antioxidants™ are.

Longevi was selected to manufacture and distribute Network Antioxidants™ based on our knowledge of antioxidants and their benefits to our health, our expertise in formulating products that really work, and our experience in sourcing the highest-quality ingredients and raw materials. In addition to this, Longevi’s excellence in distributing dietary supplements to consumers in an efficient manner with impeccable customer service made us the obvious choice.



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